Things I’ve Learned

About Life-

  1. Stick to your instincts.
  2. If you work hard, then success is inevitable.
  3. Follow your heart.
  4. Live life your own way and make the most of it.
  5. Live a BIG and memorable life, not a long and ordinary one.
  6. The worst mistake you make in life is to die an ordinary human being, when you have talents.

About Myself-

  1. I can do everything nicely if I tried, but there is only one thing which I can do excellently. It is my responsibility to discover that thing which I can excel in.
  2. I am strong-minded, and make my decisions clear. I clearly decide and show what I like and what I don’t like.
  3. I show whom I like and whom I don’t, so I can choose my friends accordingly.
  4. I like to sort out each and every thought with myself, before discussing it with anyone.

About the World-

  1. What you give-you get back, whether its happiness or grief.
  2. You can stand out of the crowd by your faults, you can stand out by your qualities, or you can get lost among the crowd. Standing out by your qualities is the best.
  3. Imagine yourself in the place of others, and try to think how they are feeling, or what their thoughts are. Use this knowledge to help others.
  4. You represent the world through your character, and you represent yourself too.

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