The words of light . . .

The above pictures are all leading towards mystery, light, or the unknown. In the first one, it shows a mysterious wisp of smoke in the dark woods. In the second one, the far end of the picture leads towards God in the church. In the third, the leaping figure represents hope. This figure of hope is making its way towards the sunrise, which promises a hopeful and unknown tomorrow. The fourth one, too, shows crowds of people heading towards a source of light. 
As I look to where the light shines,
I hope for a better tomorrow,
‘Cause you know the sun will shine for you,
When there’s not a trace of sorrow.
And God too, will be with you,
When you believe in light,
Because though you cannot make it,
You can certainly change it,
And you can try to make your future bright.
This is the message of sunrise, this is the message of the woods,
These are the words of light, and these are echoed by God.

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