The Good friend and the Best friend

“A good friend is one who hears stories about your sorrow and consoles you, but a best friend lives through those moments of sorrow with you.”

Janice, Maria, and Susan were on a little red boat, which they were rowing themselves. They were visiting the seaside for a week, which was great fun. All three loved the water, and had begged Aunt Lynne and Uncle Chad to let them go on a little sightseeing tour on the boat, rowing themselves. They were allowed, and it was great fun to keep on rowing in the vast blue sea, all the while looking at the brown cliffs, and the small colorful villages. It was fun to see the children building sandcastles on the beach, and fun to stop at a shop, and have yellow and pink ice cream.

Just as they rowed a little towards the deep sea, just for the fun of it, a great windy gale started to blow. The children had not expected a storm at sea! It had been so hot and sunny when they had started. What now? Their boat was pulled into the deeper sea by the wind, despite their efforts to steer it towards the shore.  Then suddenly, a great wind tilted their boat. Janice and Maria were thrown into the deep sea, and they called out to Susan for help, who was still on the boat. After that last turbulent wind, the storm subsided, and the sea was as calm as ever. “Do pull us up to the boat, Susan!” cried Maria and Janice who were still struggling in the water. But Susan was too scared to do anything. She started rowing back to the shore, calling out,”I’ll bring help soon, Maria and Janice! Hang on!”

But as Susan went, Maria and Janice knew that they had to act instantly. They saw a wooden plank floating at some distance. Janice swam with difficulty towards the plank, and they both hung onto the plank, and by kicking their legs, they managed to get to the shore. Maria gave Janice a very grateful smile, and took her hand, and they both walked back to the house together.

That night in bed, Susan whispered to Maria, “What happened after I left? I’m sorry I left you both. But I was scared, you see.” “That’s all right, Susan”, whispered back Maria.”Janice and I were saved. A wooden plank was floating, and we swam back holding onto it. Thanks Janice, for being by my side in trouble.” Janice just smiled and said nothing. Meanwhile, Susan asked Maria, “Maria, who is a better friend of yours, I or Janice?” “Both of you.” replied Maria, but in heart she knew it was Janice. Janice had shared her troubles with her, but Susan had wanted to help, but she had not been there for Maria in times of peril. Susan was a good friend, but Janice was Maria’s best friend. And we all know why . . . .


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