A Writer’s Environment

I . . . I don’t like disturbance while writing. My thoughts and imagination only pour from my mind, and take form on paper when there’s silence all around. If it’s loud and noisy, then I am unable to hear myself thinking. And to write, you need to be able to hear and listen to your own thoughts. Alternatively, I like to sit in an open and airy place, preferably outside. It helps me gather my inspiration from the scenery around me. I like to write in peace, forgetting all my worries. That’s why, whenever I get upset by someone or something I don’t like, I comfort myself, and seek refuge by writing. I can even differentiate between my own writings- writings written in a noisy and disturbed place, and writings written in silence. In my opinion, writings should be written in a peaceful place. It brings out the best in you . . . .


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