Don’t Believe In Difficulty


Do not ever believe in difficulty and obstacles. Sooner or later, this doubt that you have about yourself, will be the cause of your failure in life. In the above tweet, it is implied that a writer finds his own hobby-writing-difficult. How can you hope to succeed when you yourself have a doubt about your own talents? A writer’s talent is writing, as dancing is a dancer’s, and painting is an artist’s. I can’t believe that people who have admitted having difficulty in writing have become successful writers at all. Still, there are exceptional cases. But do not learn from this tweet, and do not say that your talent is harder for you than it is for others. Look, writers have become writers because they excel in writing. And if they are excellent in writing, how can it be difficult for them? Writings must come out easily from the minds of writers, not with a lot of pondering and effort. This is a false lesson- that everyone who have risen in life and are experts in their fields, have once doubted themselves and their own abilities. This is all I have to say about this tweet, now you can derive your own perception from this tweet.


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