Besides Writing . . . .

I have been performing Indian classical dance (Kathak)  since I was four years old. I have taken lessons under different teachers, performed at different festivals and functions- but I still have that heart of Kathak dance inside me. These are my two true talents and hobbies- Dance and Writing. Over the years, I have learnt to love the stage and performing life. Now when I don’t practice or perform for some time, I feel as if something is missing from my life. But my problem is that between basket ball classes, school, homework, dance classes and practice, as well as the daily habits of eating and sleeping, I don’t have as much time as I would like to have for writing. Then twice a year, it’s exam time, and then I do not get any time to write. Then sometimes when I go out, I get an idea for a new story or poem in the car, when its impossible to write. I keep forgetting the idea if I don’t pen it down at once, and it nearly drives me mad. My ideal daily routine would be:-

6:00 am- I would get up.

7:30 am- I would go to school after getting ready.

2:30 pm- I would be home from school.

2:45 pm- I would have my lunch.

3:10 pm- I would sit down to write.

4:10 pm- I would study for the next day’s tests and assessments.

5:00 pm- I would leave for my  basketball class (or dance class on weekends).

7:00 pm- I would be home.

7:15 pm- I would do my homework.

8:00 pm- I would practice dance.

8:30 pm- I would have my dinner.

9:00 pm- I would write again.

9:45 pm- I would go to bed.

I wish I could follow this daily routine, but everyone has a standard routine of their own, and this definitely is not mine.



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