What the scenery speaks . . . .

For this post, it was too hot to go somewhere picturesque. And anyway, there is no picturesque scene or place in Delhi. Its all dust and pollution. So I just made my way to the benches in the small colony where I live. I was surrounded by the blue swimming pool, the swings, merry-go-round, see-saw, and well as the skating and the tennis court. It was a hot summer’s evening, and I was being literally melted like an ice-cream in the sun. The sun blazed between the buildings, making me sweat profusely. You can’t imagine what the summers in India are like. Its like sitting in the fireplace. Even though it was evening, it was still daylight, and as bright as the morning. I could occasionally hear a bird chirping, and a machine whirring away in the distance, as all around, construction was under progress. To my left was a big park, where children were gabbling and chattering sitting on the grass. It was really too hot to run or play around. There were green trees and bushes and hedges all around, with white flowers growing on them. As you can see, I did not get much inspiration for this post, but I enjoyed this opportunity of writing in the open.


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