Book Review

A Little Princess

                -By Frances Hodgson Burnett

a little princess

When I first read this book, I was only eleven. But still, the message and the understanding of the book got through me. This book, which I consider one of the most touching works of English literature, has truly captured the heart and the emotions of the transformation of a rich girl’s luxurious life, to the same girl’s hard and tough life. The story is narrated from a child’s perspective, and in each and every scene, you can actually read and picture how Sara Crewe, the little girl, thinks and reacts. Sara Crewe initially lived with Captain Richard Crewe, her father, in India, and finally ends up in Miss Minchin’s boarding school in London. There Sara receives expensive presents from her father, and behaves exactly like a princess, even befriending Becky, the scullery maid. A few days later, Sara’s father’s death follows Miss Minchin become angry, as she finds out that Sara’s birthday party’s bills are upon her to pay. Enraged, she makes Sara work as a maid, but Sara copes with everything quite readily. Meanwhile, Sara befriends Ram Dass, her next door neighbour, and Carrisford, who was her father’s friend. Some days later, Carrisford adopts Sara after coming to know that she was Crewe’s daughter, and hence the heiress to a huge diamond mine. This story weaves the fortune as well as the hardships of Sara’s life, through simple language, and makes it a very pleasant experience to read this book.

By-Aliyah Banerjee.


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