The Horrors of Shifting!

I will write this post as I wrote it on that day, in the form of a journal or diary entry. (This is not a fictional post, this is a diary entry from my real life journal)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dear Diary,

Just to be brief, today was shifting day, and it was NOT a very pleasant day. For one thing, we were woken up as early as 8:00 a.m, that too in the holidays. Then we had to sit in the bedroom, while Mummy and Papa moved all the furniture into the living room. Then we had breakfast, and then the mover’s truck arrived. We were again told to sit quietly in the bedroom, for about an hour and a half. The movers took a lot of time-you could tell by their faces that they were a lazy lot. Papa and the movers drove away to the new house to unload the furniture. And then, after lunch, I, my sister Barney (it’s a nickname!), and Mummy, we drove away to the new house. But when we got to the house-what a shock! None of the furniture was unloaded, and all the rooms except the veranda were practically submerged in water. The geyser pipe had burst while being fixed in the new bathroom. We were shooed out into the veranda, and there we had to remain, while all the water was being drained into the bathrooms using wipers. It took an hour or so. I had brought my Chromebook to pass time, but the Wi-fi is not working here, so I could only write in Google docs, but I can’t access the internet, which is very boring indeed. The curtains were put up, but tonight we can’t sleep in our room, as there is no mattress on our bed. Very unpleasant day indeed!!!


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