The moment I left behind . . . .

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I was flying on the Swiss Airlines from India to USA. We had a halt midway at Switzerland. If any of you have visited any country in Southern Europe, you’ll know how picturesque and beautiful the countries like Switzerland, France, and Italy are. We flew all through the night, and I woke up at dawn. I looked out of the window through sleepy eyes. But what I saw nearly took my breath away! As far as I could see, there were blue and brown rugged mountains, covered with crystal white snow. It was the Alps range in Switzerland! If you have read Heidi, you will remember that she used to live on the very same mountains with her grandfather. We landed, and I was amazed by the airfield and the airport. Other airports are always bustling with people and are noisy, but this Swiss airport was silent and serene. There were hardly any people at all, and there were shops selling the prettiest souvenirs, watches, notebooks, fridge magnets, and perfumes. The airfield where our plane was still standing was a picture. There were miles upon acres of light green fields and hills, and the weather was mild and pleasant. The scenery was dotted with conifer trees, and wooden houses with red roofs. The sun shone softly on the scene. You’ll never see anything like it. But we had to go to another part of the airport for boarding our next flight. I took a deep breath, and took one last look at the breathtaking and spectacular view. But I knew we had to move on. I didn’t have time to stare all day at the scenery, though I longed to . . . .


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