Childhood . . . .

I was born on 5th April, 2004. I had a big problem. I just would NOT eat.Whenever I was force fed, I used to vomit, kick up a fuss, or just sit with the food in my mouth.

I went to the “Windows” preschool. After preschool, I went to Amity International School, where I stood first in class, the first three years. One of my good friends, Stuti Sinha was in school with me, right from preschool, until class 7, when she shifted to Bangalore.

me and stuti class kindergarten
Me and Stuti Sinha in kindergarten . . . Stuti on the left, and me on the right.

As soon as I was a few weeks old in school, I learnt to read. And how I read! You couldn’t separate me from a book when I was reading it! At five years of age, I had my first big birthday party.

In 2008, my troublesome, fat, but funny sister Atiriya was born.

Me and Atiriya . . . .

In class 4, I started learning Kathak dance from Pt. Jai Kishan Maharaj.

kathak photo
Me dancing . . . . in costume!

In class 5 and 6, I came first in english among all sections…among about 560 students! In class 6, I had my second birthday party. My best friend was now Aarushi Chadha.

Me and Aarushi on my birthday….when I turned 11!

In class 6, I visited California, Disneyland, and New York. It was one of my most exciting trips!

In Disneyland!
Roller coaster at Disneyland!
Times Square in New York!

In my class 6 annual day, I participated in the Portuguese dance. Here’s me in my costume-20151203_195954


In November, we bought two pet rabbits. I named them Bubble and Boo.20151119_194646

My most recent birthday party was celebrated this April (in 2016). This was my best birthday ever!

Amazing fact: I still don’t eat now, even though I’m 12 years old now!


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