Travelling through the map . . . .

No one place in the world is good enough for me. I like to see each new place and travel everywhere. So this post will be sort of a summary of all the places I’ve been, and the things I’ve seen.

Everywhere I have been,

It’s true that I have seen,

A new wonder in each place,

Full of uniqueness, charm and grace.

I’ve been to Goa, to see,

The bright sun, golden beach, and the sea,

I’ve been to Kashmir, to admire the scenery,

As well as to see snow blanketing the hills.

I’ve been to Rajasthan,

To see the sandy, burning desert,

I’ve visited Bengal, to see the villages,

I was born in Delhi, but Bengal’s my hometown.

I’ve stopped by Switzerland,

And I have beheld the Alps,

Snow covered, mild and pleasant,

Green conifers among green valleys.

I halted by Frankfurt in Germany,

But there was nothing much to see.

And I’ve visited Fremont in California,

And I saw the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco,

I visited Monterey Bay,

And I saw the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz.

In Anaheim, near Los Angeles,

I’ve seen the wonders of Disneyland,

I went on the roller coaster (despite feeling scared!)

And I saw Cinderella’s fairy godmother waving her wand!

To New York I’ve been,

And up the Empire State building,

And I’ve seen Times Square,

And the Statue of Liberty!


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