Wrap it up: Course summary

Do you know why I took this everyday inspiration course? Earlier, I always used to get confused over a new topic for writing. I used to limit myself. Most of my stories and poems generally meant the same thing, and I could sense that people got bored reading the same thing. I made a mind-list of the changes in my writing after this course. Here I’ve listed the advantages of this course. Read it, and compare it with your advantages of this course if you took this course too. You’ll find some common things, and also many new things.

  1. Getting a new and abrupt topic out of nowhere everyday, which I was not prepared for, helped me to increase my range of thinking. Now in school, whenever I get some new topic which I haven’t experienced before, I don’t worry as much as before.
  2. I’ve also become much more open minded, and ready to face new challenges.
  3. In a few of my posts in this course, I have also recalled some past memories, which I otherwise would not have time to remember. In the course, where I wrote about my childhood through posts, I searched for the photos, and also remembered some moments which made me smile.
  4. This course also helped me to get into the habit of writing regularly. Between my basket ball and dance classes, school, friends, homework, and hobbies, I usually don’t get time to write very often. But after this course, I learnt to constructively divide my time, and do everything in one day.

If you have not taken this course, but are reading this post now, I would like to tell you that no matter how less time you get to write, this course also offers benefits other than writing!


One thought on “Wrap it up: Course summary

  1. I have to say I agree that I got in the habit of writing every day too…it was a fun challenge too…I learned more and became more open minded for sure…


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