A little flavor in life!

When one leads a very dull life,

He or she is overcome with stress,

And for all I know- each and everybody,

Needs a little flavor in life.

Fear- as grasping and tight as your soul,

Love- as sweet as honey and sugar,

Anxiety- as disturbing as failure,

Victory- as satisfying as in itself,

Offence- as dampening as bad news,

Remorse- as saddening as your own regrets,

Interest- as fruitful as a goal in life,

Need- as frequent as desires,

Luck- as scarce as a blue moon,

Impatience- as bad as cruelty,

Friendship- as slow but true as the calm sky,

Energy- as useful as your talent.

The above lines spell “Flavor In Life”,

And don’t you think that we all need a little flavor?



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