Why good work?

Work is an important aspect of life. Imagine not eating, or not sleeping, or even not drinking water for a whole day. Just imagine your state at the end of the day. Good work makes you have a good conscience throughout the day, and saves you from idleness or  boredom.

The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.                                -Elbert Hubbard

Suppose you are a student, who’s favorite subject is English. Tomorrow you have an important English test at school. You studied throughout the week, but you don’t feel like studying anymore today. You just sit and listen to Justin Bieber the whole day.

The next day, you go to school, depending on your studies which you revised about two days ago. The question- you have to correct the sentence. The sentence is- “Is you sorry?” And then, you can’t concentrate, but you keep remembering Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” ‘Is it too late now to say sorry….cause I’m missing……” that’s all that comes to your mind.

You wish that you could take just a small peek at your notebook. But you can’t. You got only six marks out of ten in the test. Your week’s hard work could have got you full marks….but only if you had revised yesterday. But yesterday, you sat idle the whole day. Good work yesterday, would have led to good work in the test today.


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