The Golden Chance

This feeling is my motivation,

Its called hope, and also confidence,

Its called moderation, and the golden sunrise,

This feeling gives you one golden chance,

It gives you a single opportunity,

But never supports you twice.


You’ve got to recognize that golden chance,

And you’ve got to understand,

That once you’ve lost this opportunity,

It crumbles to lost hopes,

Like pebbles crumble to sand.


Hope gives you wings to soar,

But once you lose that chance to fly,

Do you realize how priceless those wings were,

And that you’re now trapped within walls.


That one golden chance is your risk,

That is your unbreakable pillar of strength,

Be hopeful for that chance every moment,

Because only after you lose it, will you realize,

How slowly, by and by, that golden chance went.




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