Is Perseverance and Grit more important than talent and achieving success?. . . . A Debate

In favor: Is it really necessary that one who does not have talent in a specific art, cannot excel in it at all?

Because if it is, then that is unfair. Suppose a person loves to draw and puts in a lot of hard work, but then finds out with much grief that he is not talented at all. Only talent is not important. If a person is talented, but wastes his talent, then that talent is completely useless. On the other hand, even if a person is not talented at all, even then he or she can develop talent with determination and passion. No doubt, perseverance and grit is  much more important and useful than talent and achieving success. If you are successful momentarily because of your talent, then that is short-lived if you do not chase after your dreams. But perseverance and grit can help you reach great heights in the long run.


In disfavor: If a particular person is simply not destined for success in a specific field, be it arts, medical science, or even photography, then what’s the point of working hard for it? It’s all about destiny alone. Suppose a person knows that he has no talent at sculpture, and he is bound to be a failure. Instead, he is extremely good at singing, but he pursues his sculpture. This way, he never becomes a successful sculptor, and he also wastes his talent at singing. Thus, I would say with the utmost conviction, that even though perseverance and grit are important to achieve your goal, it’s only when you possess talent and are destined to be successful.


One thought on “Is Perseverance and Grit more important than talent and achieving success?. . . . A Debate

  1. I have to debate on this very topic at school for a competiton….pls comment and tell me what you think of this debate….


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