A Bond Broken by Kindness

She stood there, speechless.The words had given her such a great shock.She had never expected such words,that too,from the one to whom she had given so much. . . . . . .

Their happy voices indicated the fun they were having in playing together.They shouted and yelled as they ran,and finally sat down on the grass,panting.Then the late afternoon saw them sitting together,playing the piano.No matter what-they were always by each other’s side.But-little did they know that something was going to crash down on their happiness.Something that would separate them forever. . . . .

It was a rainy day in the month of July.Susan was walking home from the bakery with some bread through the streets,when her eyes fell on a huddled up figure wrapped up in a shabby shawl.The sight of the hungry and dirty face truly wrung her heart.She was full of pity for the poor girl,so she went up to her and held out the packet of bread to her.This kind gesture cost Susan a lot.

Now Rebecca,the poor girl,was a part of Susan’s life.Gradually,a friendship grew between them.But Susan had not forgotten Beth,her childhood friend and benefactor,yet.Rebecca liked Susan immensely and wanted to be her best friend.But as time passed,she too witnessed this strong friendship between Susan and Beth.Rebecca was quite jealous by nature,and instead of feeling grateful to Susan for her kindness,she set out to put a strain on her and Beth’s friendship.

Rebecca sent a letter to Beth.The letter was such that Beth would think it had been sent by Susan herself.Beth received the incriminating letter,and was shocked at its contents.It said that Susan didn’t want to be her friend anymore. . . . .Beth stood speechless.She had never,ever expected such words from the one to whom she had given so much.Beth felt hurt and angry at Susan.

On the other hand,Susan just could not understand why Beth would not talk to her.It caused her much sorrow to think of losing Beth as a friend.And she could not be friends wholeheartedly with Rebecca,for the fear of hurting Beth’s feelings and losing her entirely.She still believed that Beth was her friend.Susan did not think that such an old friendship could be broken so abruptly. . . . .



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