Creating Characters

You know, even if you are a writer, you just can’t read and write all the time. Creation and imagination is important too. Try doing character sketches. I find it very interesting. Just pick a name, and imagine the person, and then describe him/her. In detail.

For example-

Name- Laura Jenks

Physical features- tall, pretty, curly golden hair, big blue eyes, fair complexion, rosy cheeks, slim, wide mouth.

Personality/Character traits- Haughty, proud, vain, selfish, commanding

This creating of characters can actually be lots of fun. It gives you a unique feeling. Like, when you read a story written by you, do you ever feel as if the characters are real people, people whom you know? You’ll feel as if you have really created  your friends, unlike real life, when you choose your friends. Then, there’s never the fear of you creating such characters or people whom you don’t like. Or you can create bad characters, and pretend that they are bad people just like in real life. Try this. It’ll help you a lot. For two reasons-

  1. You’ll learn to observe people’s details even in a short time. When you create your character, you’ll naturally concentrate on his/her physical features and personality. So you’ll actually become more observant and understanding. You can perceive someone’s character just by looking at him/her.
  2. Even the greatest writer experiences loss of ideas. You can create characters, and store them all in a separate notebook. Then later, when you are stuck, you can use those characters in your stories.

Character creation can also sometimes help you understand yourself better. Try it and see the change in yourself.



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