Yoga and Meditation

When you’re sitting all alone, what do you think of? Don’t deny it, because everyone finds time during the day to sit quietly. Sitting quietly by yourself means meditating, even if you’re not sitting down with the intention of meditating. You may just want to ponder over some trifling matter, or even some disturbing thought, that you can feel is affecting your health, happiness, and peace of mind.


Meditation affects your body in a positive way. At meditation clubs, or even an instructor will tell you to sit with your legs crossed, and your hands on your knees, palm upwards, with the forefinger tip touching the thumb’s tip, and the other three fingers curved towards you. Another way is to keep your hands crossed, with the fingers of both hands locking each other. No fingertip should be free.

This is because, when you’re meditating, a positive energy flows through you. The nerve endings are at your fingertips. If you don’t keep your hands and feet crossed, then your toes and fingertips will be free. The positive energy will flow through you, and then rush out through your fingertips or the tips of your toes. If you keep your hands and feet locked, then the energy gets trapped inside you, and continuously circulates throughout your body.

The best time to meditate is early morning, or at night. Early morning, because you have not started working and worrying yet, so you can start your day with a positive outlook. At night because, you’ve finished your day’s work, and now you can meditate in peace, and thus, have a good night’s sleep. And we all know how important good sleep is.

Everyday, at school, just when classes start, our teacher makes us meditate for about five minutes. This helps us concentrate better on our studies. Meditation is very important, especially for a disturbed and stressful life. Anyways, even if you have nothing to worry about, meditation can help you succeed better, and live happily. As Buddha once said, “Your deeds, whether good or bad, known as Karma, has a great impact on your universal soul, known as the Atman or the Brahman. Meditation eases and relieves your soul from having a negative effect on your health and happiness, because of over-stress, or too much to do. Meditation is also considered an important aspect of Yoga. Yoga, has become extremely popular, originating from the east, and spreading even to the far west.

You should meditate after your daily workout. If if you don’t find time to exercise, meditation can sometimes clear your mind as much as exercise does. As people all over the world continue to have a more busy life, the importance and impact of Yoga and meditation on their lives increases.

The meaning of doing “Yoga” everyday varies for everyone. People needing more physical exercise can practice doing the Surya Namaskar, meaning “Sun Prayer”, or “Sun Worship”, or even “A Greeting to the Sun.” It comprises of twelve steps, including touching toes, Tarasan (stretching), also postures of various animals, such as the snake, and poses of land forms, such as a mountain.

If you need less physical exercise, you can go for easier yoga, such as sitting in Padmasana, which is sitting with both legs tucked under each other.

After yoga, you should lie down, facing upwards, with your legs stretched out, and your hands by your side. This is called Shavasana. 

Yoga and meditation can really benefit you. Try it, and observe the change.


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