Nothing is as friendly as a smile,

When you wait in sorrow for quite long a while,

And then when you receive a grin,

It makes you feel that it doesn’t matter whether you lose or win.


When you become something to be hated,

And yet, you love,

Just remember that in spite of all you are refused,

There is still the holy one above.


Whenever you refuse to smile, just recall,

The thousand times that you’ve been afraid of a fall,

And yet you rose up even higher,

Facing the truth, refusing to be a liar.


A smile is the best gift you can give,

In exchange for the successful and happy life you long to live,

And remember, up till now,

How you’ve been strong, when you’ve been afraid.


At your low times,

A smile is most comforting,

And when you cry,

You still know that you have to once again try.


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