A Word to Success

Dear Success,

I have a question for you. How can we truly hope to attain you? Is hard work and determination the only way? I always hope to be well-acquainted with you. You are the one objective the world lives with.

I believe that you can only be won over by passion, and perseverance. You are the one thing that every passionate person – who wants to do something big – wishes for. You signify a great accomplishment in the life of the person who has been fortunate enough to succeed. You know, I even know some of your cousins- let me see, one is Determination, the other one is Passion, and the third one is, I think, Perseverance.

I know your enemies, the ones who try to distract people from getting closer to you. You are continuously at war with Laziness, and Passion’s twin, named Fake Passion, who is completely the opposite of his twin. I respect you, success, and I hope to be happy with your help in the years to come.

Lots of Love,



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