Hopeful Thoughts

“The darkest hour is just before the dawn.”

When you feel lost in the dark, with nothing at all to hold on to, no support, that’s the darkest hour. Then, you become so desperate in your sub-conscious mind, that even a prick of faint light seems just like heaven to you. Then when you’re let out of the room into an open place, then that represents the dawn. The beautiful and refreshing dawn. The dawn that renews your strength.

“A poor man with hope lives better than a rich man without it.”

A poor man hopes and works hard for wealth, just in the hope of being wealthy one day. But a rich man without hope, cannot achieve any more, if he does not hope for better times. He cannot go much farther without hope. If he’s satisfied, then he is happy, and does not hope for better. I’m not saying being greedy and wanting more and more. But hope leads to better work, and thus, better results.

“Hope is a poor man’s bread.”

A poor man wouldn’t be called poor if he possessed everything he could wish for. He barely has anything, and has to work for even a roof over his head. The poor man has infinite capability to work and earn, but ultimately, his daily bread is hope. Hope fills him with a unique strength and thoughts, that satisfy his hunger just like bread, which is a poor man’s only food.


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