Just something I felt and wanted to share with you . . . . .

Writing is nothing without good narration. It is all about engaging your reader. You need to have something good to tell, which needs to make the reader cry, or roar with laughter, or even just smile. But you need to awaken emotion within your reader. Even the most simple incidents and moments in your story or article or essay or poem should thrill whoever’s reading it. When I read my favorite book, I :-

  • Hurry to the part which I like the most.
  • Never find it boring or repetitive.
  • Get excited.
  • Laugh or cry, or jump back.


And I’m sure you do the same. Ask yourself- “What is so special about this book that I like it so much?” And once you think you got the answer, try to integrate the same thing into your own writing. But I’m not asking you to copy ideas. No, if you love the storyline in your favorite book, I am not telling you to base your writing on the same idea. ‘Cause that’s absolute plagiarism. If you like the idea, and the story, or whatever, try to customize the idea before putting it into your writing. Not just little tweaks here and there. Try to make it better.

Writing is all about two reasons. One, to pen down your thoughts, which has been scientifically proven as a means of reducing stress. Second, to influence the world, or to raise your voice in the world. Writing generally helps unhappy or miserable people. Now listen carefully. This is the case with everyone, and also the case with you.

People are miserable or unhappy mainly because of two reasons. Either because they have a big burden on their heart, which weighs them down. This is basically a load for them, which leads them to be unhappy, worried, or anxious. I think every writer knows what a comfort writing can be. If you write down that worry of yours in just a few words, you’ll feel comparatively light-hearted afterwards.

The second reason of unhappiness is is seeing the world as a helpless, poor, and miserable place. Many people who are very shy and quiet, may actually be quite angry on seeing the state of the world. But he or she may not be strong enough to stand up against the world. But somehow, by some kind of unique magic, you never feel shy or introvert while writing. So if you want to speak up, the best way to do it is by writing. Be strong, and if you feel as if something is impossible, then try it by writing. Remember, writing can present you with a loud voice.



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