She hid her face from the whole new world,

She didn’t know this world, and she was scared,

Because this wasn’t the old familiar world she was accustomed to,

This was certainly all so horrid and new,

But in fact, sadly, this was true.

She did do much to accept the truth,

It wrung her heart to see her brothers and sisters suffer,

She cried upon seeing so much pain,

She accepted, that yes, she could see a change.

Both in manner and in looks,

The world had deteriorated, as in her eyes,

She could see nothing, her eyes were blurred by tears,

She could sense nothing, but many new fears.

At first she had not known what sorrow was,

She had not known that the world still lacked,

Humanity, and kindness too, but still,

Empty space still waiting to be fulfilled,

Wanting more, everybody,

Killed, and shed blood, and made changes,

As the world had always been, they did not let it remain,

They changed and wreaked havoc, time and again,

But still, nobody saw the . . . . . . . changes.



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