Chained Back

What’s holding me back in life? Why can’t I be FREE? Why Can’t I concentrate on the things on which I need to? What’s stopping me?

1. My lack of confidence.

I think of many things, often looking at my friends. They laugh; saying whatever, whether it’s appropriate or not. They’re always cocksure of themselves. They don’t waver while taking a decision. They always KNOW that they’re right. Which is not at all the case with me. I stutter. I shake. I wobble. I’m AFRAID. I think, “What if I go wrong, and they all laugh at me?” I’m trying my best to improve upon this.

2. Too much of schoolwork.

I’m sure that I don’t write as much everyday as I should, in order to be a successful author. Too much schoolwork, besides from taking up my time, also weighs down on my mind, and I think you know that with an overtaxed brain, you can’t hope to produce good writing. But I don’t have a choice. Can’t skip the school life. I’ll have to make up for this lost time once I finish school.

3. Restlessness.

I feel like I just can’t stick at something enough. And this also means lack of focus as well as concentration. And if I don’t focus, then nothing worthwhile is gonna come out of my head- be it maths, or writing, or sketching.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1



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