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Why do I want to break FREE?

Because I wanna live. Living holds a different meaning for me, than it does for those who are holding me back. And my idea of freedom is to do whatever you want, how much you want. And I want to write. And write and write and write as much as I want. But now, where I am, people have innumerable prejudices against writing. Here, in India, people think that maths and science and computers are all-important. They think that you can’t have a good income unless you get a job in computers or maths or science.

No. 2 is my school. They make everyone study everything. They’ll make you study lots of Social Science even if you hate it. We have two compulsory languages. First is English, which I love very much. But the other one is Hindi. Which I just don’t hate- I LOATHE. First of all, in the state in India, where I live, most people speak Hindi as their mother tongue. But I don’t. My mother tongue is Bengali. As a result, Hindi’s very difficult for me.

Even though it’s not the case with me, it is for many other Indians. The poor are not considered worthy of respect. They aren’t regarded as successful or capable. They’re underestimated. And I hate to say this, because India being my country, I ought to be proud of it. And I am. But I think India also has quite a lot of faults. Another point to improve upon is the ‘Varna’ system, or the Caste system, which is still very prominently followed in rural (and also urban) India. From ancient times, people have been literally DIVIDED. First come the ‘Brahmins’ or the learned priests or saints. They are highly esteemed and respected. Next are the ‘Kshatriyas’ or the warriors. They were the royalty, and they were held in a high position too. Then the ‘Vaishyas’ or the traders. merchants, and cattle keepers. They were not seen as very important. And last came the ‘Shudras’ or the laborers and servants. They were the ones discriminated against the most.

Here, in India, it’s thought that there is no great future for you, if you pursue arts like painting, sculpture, or writing. Here, they basically TRAIN a child from childhood to love maths, science, and computers. It’s thought that fine arts such as embroidery, or hobbies, such as writing, is a total waste of time. All important are the hateful EXAMS.

This is why I want to break free. I want to break out of the chains that are holding me back. And I think, many others, such as the poor, the discriminated, the underestimated, and the weak, want to live a free life, too.



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