A Day in a Fairytale . . .

We all dream of living our perfect day, don’t we? It gives us such happiness to hope that tomorrow might be our dream day. We don’t always have the option to live just like we want to. Well, what if you were completely FREE for a day? I’d like to get a clear picture in mind of what my perfect day would be like.

I’ll wake up at 7:00, (something I don’t do except on school days!) and go for a jog in the park, followed by stretching exercises. I’ll return, and have half an hour to myself, reading or writing. Then I don’t care about breakfast. Afterwards, I’ll send some of my poems to publishing companies. Then I’ll receive an e-mail, that my poems will be published. I’ll be in ecstasies! 

I’ll write 10 blog posts together, and have lunch, and then enjoy a movie. Then I’d listen to music, and have a nap. After that, I would sit down and write again. Then, in the evening, I’d dance onstage (I know that sounds absurd out of nowhere!), and then I’d be called for a big book-signing ceremony, ’cause my first book just became really famous! At night, I’d listen to Fifth Harmony and Justin Bieber, and no, I won’t sleep in bed! If the weather’s fine, I’ll camp outdoors in a tent! That’s what called a real “Fun- day”, instead of the boring “Sun-day”!


  1. This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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