Crushed In a Shell

Dark endeavours, failing hopelessly,

Bleeding heart, swelling with tears,

Circled with thoughts reaching up to the sky,

But who could possibly aim so high?

Not me of course, as I’m too weak,

Like I do think, I wonder how many others do,

Don’t believe in themselves,

Don’t help themselves,

Tug themselves downwards,

Tread on their own hearts,

On their own hopes, with heavy shoes,

Do they crush themselves in a moment,

And later brood, regret,

On how they failed to aid themselves,

Never looking deep, looked at their shell,

Never discovered the hidden qualities deep inside,

Wasted their talent, their strength,

Iron rusts on lying idle,

Is not our mind and heart the very same?




One thought on “Crushed In a Shell

  1. I wonder if you’re thinking that the title of this poem, “Crushed in a shell”, is weird, because the word ‘shell’ appears only once in the entire poem. I would like to explain that the lines which elaborate on how people tread on their own confidence and strengths, basically stresses on how people look only at their outer shell, and not what’s actually inside them.


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