Like most people, is your ultimate aim to be happy too? Well, to reach that stage of success where you can be content and happy, you need to know the meaning of happiness.                 Happiness is what gives you a feeling of immense satisfaction. Happiness is what motivates you to do better and better, as your self-confidence increases.

“Happiness comes from within the soul. It doesn’t fly in the air, swim underwater, or travel on land. Like the sun radiates out light and heat, you radiate emotions. Just like light and heat are essential for life, happiness is essential for you to live a worthy life.”

Happiness is not just what makes you happy. It is also what makes an unhappy person cheerful. If you make happiness your aim in life, then you have to die to be happy. But at your very last moment of life, you’ll feel as if you never had a care in the world, and that you were the best person you ever knew.


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