I’ve been thinking how we’ve changed since we were the little ones. Having our zzz’s for a long time, filling ourselves up with pizzas and cheese, getting angry and kicking up a fuss, as well as enjoying our best friend’s birthday party. 

But then we changed all at once.

We weren’t the same, sweet ones anymore. We had formed new stereotypes, and pondered on new thoughts. We changed our friends. We didn’t like those fluffy pink frills and the  nursery rhymes anymore. 

I wish we could relive those times again. Go through those memories once again. Be those pretty little girls and boys again. Happy with the simplest things in life. 

I wish we had the option to rewind our lives whenever or how much we wished to. Then maybe, we could avoid a lot of mistakes, a lot of unpleasant moments. We could already KNOW our future, and try to improve it. I wish we didn’t have to rush along with time.



One thought on “Rewind.

  1. Dear Aliyah,

    What a wonderful essay!! So lovely and poignant, with a dash of melancholy!!
    Yes many of us do wish we can sail back to the past, and make amends for the deeds which linger in our memories like ‘ wish I’d done it in another way’. The best part is that the future always beckons. And future will always give us a chance to live life anew and deal with similar situations better, with the advantage of experiences from the past.


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