Mindvalley Academy Masterclass- ‘Double Your Learning Speed’ by Paul R. Scheele Part-I

I recently took this class on increasing reading and learning speed offered by Mindvalley Academy. The class was conducted by Paul R. Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation. And this class was AMAZING. I really want you to learn from it too, so I’m gonna share the notes which I took during the class. During the class itself, we made three attempts at reading for 20 seconds. The first attempt was to see how fast we could read now. The second and third attempts showed very gradual but steady improvement as a result of using techniques.

The first thing that I was told before the class officially began, is- “You normally take a week to read a good and lengthy book.”                                                                                                     “But here, you’ll learn to read it maybe in an hour, and fully retain the information in your memory.”

The School Method Makes Us Use Only A Small Part Of Our Brain’s Capacity.

We read part by part and put it together to learn.

Eg:- We first learnt letters and sounds and phonetics, and then we fit them into words. Then we fit words into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs. We basically go from small to big. Small parts to bigger ones to learn.

But what if we reverse this process? Take the whole thing in, then break it into parts to read and learn?

Not the mind, but the inner mind actually does the heavy lifting and processing of information.

Our conscious mind absorbs what- maybe 40 bits of information per second?

But, even though we don’t realise it, our subconscious mind, in fact, absorbs about 10 million bits of information per second. But we are unable to use this brain capacity to our advantage, because we have never been taught to bring our subconscious mind into realisation. But if we did, we could increase our brain retention power from 40 bits/ second to 10 million bits/ second!

We fail to identify the power of the inner-mind within us. That greater capacity within us is wasted- actually, as a result of going to school.

There’s a school in Philadelphia where they teach children to be geniuses (What I was told!). There, the children qualify for college at 14 years of age.

They never taught the kids phonetics. These kids did not know the basic concepts of letters; they never learnt alphabets!

Instead, the kids were shown flashcards like-

ALL                 BIG                 OUT

and the children would read out like- “all”, “out”.

1st attempt- Without any technique

20 seconds

I read-

9 1/2 lines, 9 unequal sentences, 106 words.

While reading, you need to maintain a good physical and mental posture.

Physical Posture


  • Shoulders straight- take a deep breath.
  • Exhale, and let your shoulders relax but not slump.
  • Open up your mind and brain
  • Hold the book at a 45° angle to the plane of the table.
  • Look at the book in a straight line from your eyes.
  • Get a hint of a smile at the corners of your eyes and mouth.

Mental Posture


  • Get a positive opinion – not like- “It’s gonna take a long time to finish this book!”
  • Have a clear idea about what you would like to receive from the book. “What would be the benefits of taking a few minutes to read this book.” said Paul Scheele. “Ask yourself- ‘What would you really like to receive from this author that would benefit your life?’ ” he said.
  • You have to be in the ideal physical and mental state to read.


I’ll post the next part in a day or two.


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