Can’t hear. Speak louder.

I used to have stage fright. But this is the place you’ll learn.

said the guitar teacher at our school. One of our teachers was absent, and so he came to our class instead. We were too noisy (as most children are!), so he put a halt to our games, and asked us- “Who sings?”

Well, a lot of us do. But all of us don’t wanna cultivate our voices and become a singer. Anyways, what is negative about our class is that instead of performing themselves, they always wanna pinpoint someone else, like- “I don’t, but she does. Make her sing.”                 And this time, that someone was Xenia Lenin from our class. Just like me. She likes singing, and I like reading out my poems. But our common obstacle? Social Anxiety.

She said no over and over again, on being pressurized by the whole class to sing. I could understand the state she was in, as I’ve been in similar ones myself. So I didn’t say anything.

And you may think that she turned out to have a remarkable voice, or that she was scared too much. Well, after a lot of prompting, she rose from her chair, and as she stood in front of the class, one arm clinging to the other, standing tight and conscious. She did start to sing, but you couldn’t hear her, unless your ears were towards her alone. Well, I did try to hear her, and I could, a little bit. I couldn’t even make out which song she sang, but it was very sweet, and in perfect tune.

And now, I’ve come to realise that many successful people and artists in this world, were once afraid of the audience. But that never does, does it?


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