Mindvalley Academy Masterclass- ‘Double Your Learning Speed’ by Paul R. Scheele Part-II

Before you start reading this post, make sure you read Part-I first, which was posted earlier on this very site.

Some sort of “Tangerine” technique is one of Paul Scheele’s favorite reading methods. He says that it puts your brain in the right state for the work demanded of reading.

Tangerine Method Of Photoreading

Reach out and pick up an imaginary tangerine (a citrus fruit) from the table in front of you. Move it from hand to hand, and get a feeling of it- the size, the shape, the weight, the texture of the skin, visualise the orange color, maybe even feel the smell of it.

Take the tangerine and touch it to the top back part of your head. Now take your hand away, and let your face, body, and everything remain in that relaxed state. It instantly puts your brain in the ideal state for the work demanded.

2nd attempt- using Tangerine Method

20 seconds

I read-

9 1/2 lines, 7 unequal sentences, 111 words

(I am just beginning. Ideally, this method is supposed to increase the amount you read and comprehend in 20 seconds. I increased just 5 words.)

Reading Strategy

Instead of fixing your eyes on each individual word, let your eyes move smoothly across the upper half of the words.

When those flashcards were shown to the children, the idea was that the eyes would naturally go to the upper half of the words.

Our Brain Can Automatically Recognise Words. 

We just need to use that to our advantage.

3rd attempt- using above reading strategy

20 seconds

I read-

11 1/2 lines, 10 unequal sentences, 136 words

( I increased 30 words from how much I used to read before taking this course. The person who was demonstrating actually went from 11 lines to 25 lines in 20 seconds.)

Five Steps Of Photoreading

  1. Get yourself in the ideal physical and mental posture.
  2. Establish your purpose for reading that particular book.
  3. Photoreading- Flip through the book. Take the whole book in with your whole mind.
  4. What are your questions? What do you wanna get into more detail about? Understand the basic concept and structure of the book.
  5. Activating- Begin activating what you read, according to your purpose.

They actually researched with computers, and their techniques, and you won’t believe these results.

“They made people read a 400 page novel in 7 seconds! Like, how is that even possible?”

So here’s what I learnt. The inner brain has infinite power of processing information. We just don’t realise or use it.

Paul Scheele is the author of three books.

“Every word was placed with the intention of getting the message through the person who’s going to read it.” he says. “Only 4%-11% of the words on the page carry the actual meaning and message. When you’re reading word to word, you don’t know WHICH 4-11.”

Photoreading helps us get that 4-11% of the words that’s really gonna meet our purpose. People say, “On these chapters actually speak to me at this point of my life.”

But after some years, they may find interest in different chapters.

What I understood is that photoreading prevents you from wasting time reading the whole book. It helps you absorb only that much which you will remember, and which will be useful to you.

Paul Scheele really interested me with his dialogues.

“You’re entering a beautiful dialogue with the author.”

“Expertise does not necessarily come from reading a book. It comes from applying what you’ve read.”



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