Cota’s Guest House at Goa! Amazing place!

Hi everyone! Just got back from a long and relaxing vacation in Goa. It’s the best holiday destination according to me. If you like relaxing.

I stayed at this Cota’s Guest House. It’s not a very fashionable resort, if you’re expecting that. But, it’s a very homely little place, that will give you the exact feel of Goan life. The rooms are fabulous, and clean too. There’s space for everything, with a T.V., and a separate kitchen with a cooking stove, microwave, and a refrigerator. The owner, Mary Fernandez, will prepare you breakfast, and believe me, it’s amazing.

The Guest house is also bound to be a delight to nature and plant-lovers. There’s quite a variety of colorful plants, and rare ones too. Just a short walk yo Utorda beach, and a short drive to Arossim beach from here. Would really recommend this guest house. Below are photos of the guest house and of the plants.


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