Poems, The way of life . . ., Wildlife

The Myriad

The clear and misty dawn you see,

But the ringing bells of hope you hear,

Rain as golden as honey; your sweet,

Melody is there to remember forever.


Regarding the cherry blossoms in day,

Iced with snow, and silver shear,

Yet herein, among the frost and ice,

The lively sound rings in the ear.


Drowsy from a long night’s sleep,

And a thousand drooping willows,

But yet the voice of dawn calls,

From beneath the shady hallows.


Yet from the chill within the air,

In the wilderness of the world beyond,

And sixty miles forth I go,

To the dawn’s rhythmic song.


Words in harmonic chorus;

Echo a resounding love,

And in the blackness of the dreary night,

The blossoms fail to bloom.


Cupped in the hands of the forsaken,

That book of treasured memories,

And to whispered conditions in secret,

The winds in the vale agree.


Swollen and tear-bidden eyes,

Will maybe cry for me,

But I know, they may also smile,

When they see what I now see.


Among the hundred thoughts in my head,

Ninety-nine will fade,

And the one that I’ll remember long after,

Will be the very last to emerge.


And the one who will cling to my heart,

Who will be the last to leave,

Who will then abandon me to waste myself,

And have forever to grieve.


And wonders of the world may merge,

To cheer me up once again,

But I’ll never see that sight once more,

The one thing that relieved my everlasting pain.


Sunshine enters my heart, but still,

That sight has yet to win,

Approval of my deepest emotions,

And the very depth of my heart.


Because I will be the one to bear,

The everlasting pain and woe,

If I can ever accept,

What I never had called mine.


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