What Holds Us Back?

Yes, what holds us back against our own wishes? It is a consequence that chains us from being free and achieving our passions. Guess what it is? It’s fear.                                                    Not the kind of fear of the dark, but the kind of fear which originates from the root of our own hearts. The fear of the outcome. Of consciousness. Why are we so conscious about what people will think about us? We should be able to disregard all other negative opinions and just do what we tell ourselves to.

Since we have not lived on our own from the very first day we were born, we were raised to believe in certain things, to refrain from doing certain things, to avoid certain people and habits, and to respect certain people. Yes, by the latter, I do not mean that we should forget about respect. No, we shouldn’t. But what I am trying to say is that our friends, and family, and the world which we have been raised in, have impressed certain things in our mind. Have shaped and moulded us into a certain personality. Briefly, the world which we live in has taken away most of our originality. It has taught us to be afraid to be the real self that we are, but yet, never tried to be.

What I am trying to say is not very complicated. Just be yourself. You just need to completely let go of every belief, every fear, every constraint, every tension, and every rule that stops you from being the real you. Do what you want, excel in what makes you proud of yourself. Do what you think is right, and don’t just blindly follow others. It;s better not to have a role model, but just focus on shaping yourself, and opening yourself to the things that matter the most to you. You need to explore, travel, talk, let people in, and forgo all your tensions. Just live like you want to.


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