She Will Have Her Revenge: Freedom is Her Birthright

A few days ago, I started reading the book- “I am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai. I am not going to speak about the book. But about why the book matters. The question which should be put at the foremost mind of the world, is that, “Even after all their efforts, all the pain they go through, why are women still trampled upon, and not recognized?”
Yes, silence may be counted upon as a good thing to practice in some communities. But why is it forcefully imposed upon one specific gender? Why are men seen as capable of doing what they want, and women as incapable of even dreaming to reach heights? Why?

Women have never threatened the world, for the world to see them as inferior, or something to be silenced. In fact, people don’t realize that they have come into existence only because of women, who they now refuse to accept as a strong member of society. Why are women still hidden under the veil? Why are they not counted upon to identify themselves?
The world still boasts that women have been helped to rise to a greater platform because of their hard work. But the truth is, we have accepted the situation, and we don’t want to fight back, because we fail to see how this issue affects us and our lives. And this is not the fault of one person alone. It is a fault of which all of us are guilty of.

Something that you will be surprised to know, is that this is such an issue, that, if this is cleared, then numerous other issues such as child labor, discrimination, unemployment, and the likewise, will be solved too. If you are one of those who think that women do not matter, then let me tell you that you and your low opinion of women are the ones who should be silenced, but not women, who are innocent.

Women are never the ones to think badly of men, and men have completely no reason to have low opinions of women, or to decide the futures of women. Women are the ones to undergo all the pain for childbirth, and then if the child is a girl, then the woman and her daughter are both hidden away from the eyes of the world. Why should women suffer, to give birth to such an ungrateful race such as mankind? Why should women waste their hands and their capability working for men, when they could use their worth for something much more appreciative? Something which will bring happiness to them, not to their husbands, fathers, or their brothers? The answer for that is:- women care. They really do. They can never have the heartlessness to discard someone as unworthy of succeeding in life.

So, to everyone who still thinks that a woman was created to work, to give birth, to satisfy, and to stay quiet, let me tell you clearly, that a day is sure to come, when she will take her revenge. On you all. On the ungrateful world which makes no effort to return her her freedom, which is her birthright, even if she is a girl, which is no crime, and no fault of hers.


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