Defeating Unfairness

A silent tear rolled down her cheek, and she wiped it away with a strong hand. Why had the words made her cry? She was left wondering.  .  .  .
Practice had been her one and only occupation of time. As her trained hand flew lightly over the strings of her old and dusty guitar, she thought, that what difference does the age of the guitar make? Even if it’s old, I find that it can still produce as melodious tunes as ever. She had not attended any guitar classes. It was all self training. But that became a weakness during the most important time of her career.
She sent her recording to the guitar contest audition of the World Music Festival 2016. And her joy knew no bounds when she was shortlisted to audition. But she still had the audition to get through. She drove to the auditorium, her heart beating fast. She nervously anticipated what was to come.
When her turn came, she gave it her best. To the audience it seemed as if she, the guitar, and the music were one. Even the judges gaped- what a performance! The judges looked down her name in the list- Nora Johnson. Then they found that she had not attended any music academy, unlike the other contestants who had all attended prestigious music institutes. “I am sorry, but her name cannot be shortlisted as she is self-trained and has earned no certificate from any academy,” said the first judge in low tones to the second judge.
Nora sat biting her nails nervously. It was time for the judges to announce the results of the audition. Three names were to be called out, and Nora desperately hoped that she would be amongst those three lucky names. The first name was called out- Ronald Harrison, Academy of Arts, Wilsonville. Then the second name- Ariana Camille Johanne, Brigham Institute of Music. And then the final name- Nora Johnson- “We are really sorry Nora, we cannot select you as though your performance was brilliant, you have not received any certificate from any institute.”, said the judges. Instead, the third name was- Brett Gordon, Fremont School of Music.
That was what made Nora cry. The judge’s words. This was unfair! She thought, “ A lot is unfair in the world. Let me start afresh. I won’t cry. I’m brave. I’ll show the world what I can do.”
Nora now runs a prestigious music institute in Cornwall. From her institute, she makes sure that three children are chosen each year for the World Music Festival- and she makes sure that each and every student earns a certificate.


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