About Aaliyah’s Wishland

Aaliyah’s Wishland, was created on the 8th of June, 2016. This blog was not created with anything particular in mind. Just for the purpose of wholehearted writing. It was built up slowly over the months, with long spells of inactivity in between too. But now, it has turned out to be something I am proud of.

In 2016 itself, Aaliyah’s Wishland received two blogging awards- The Versatile Blogger Award, as well as The Mystery Blogger Award. I was so elated, that I celebrated by decorating Aaliyah’s Wishland with balloons, flowers, and the likewise.

Aaliyah’s Wishland commemorates events, such as Global Earth Day. Also, on my birthday, Aaliyah’s Wishland had a big banner when I turned thirteen. Now in June, Aaliyah’s Wishland is celebrating it’s own birthday.

This blog heartily appreciates all the follows, the comments, and the likes it gets. It is very important support, without which this blog could not have surfaced.