Know Me And My Blog!

Aaliyah is a thirteen-year old writer and dancer. She loves writing poetry, and also likes to make up short stories. She learns Indian classical dance, and has given numerous performances. Her first book, ‘Miss Conceptions’, is a poetry compilation, and was published in January 2017. It is available on Amazon and amazon kindle, as well as Goodreads, shopclues, and flipkart. She is now working on her first novella.

Aaliyah currently lives with her parents and her nine-year old sister Atiriya in Delhi, India. She also used to have two pet rabbits, Bubble and Boo.

Aaliyah also adores travelling to new places and taking photographs, and seeing the cuisines and costumes of other countries. She is also learning french at school, and attempting poetry in french. Languages and travelling give her something to write about.

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Aaliyah can sometimes be a very impatient person, and can get angry too. She maintains a journal, maybe twice or thrice a week, and in addition to dance and writing, she also enjoys playing basketball. Enjoy ‘Aaliyah’s Wishland’, and Aaliyah’s writing. Thank you for your support!!