Miss Conceptions- The Poetic Expressions of a Young Girl

“Out of the innumerable ways that you may have tried to find your inner soul, this book is the strongest. Miss (Aliyah’s) Conceptions will continue to strengthen you by the light of sunrise. A variety of topics, ranging from love, beauty, sorrow, success, to nature, will bring you into an imaginary – or real, as you imagine it – world, where joy and poetic emotions have no end. This book stresses on emotions very much. Why? Just try deactivating your emotions, and then make an attempt to enjoy life. It’s difficult.

These poems are best understood when they’re felt by heart. Each of the poems conveys a message which will eventually prove a great help to mankind. Over the centuries, many great poems have been composed. But these poems are a summary of life, which accurately sum up your life for you. This book is going to help you know yourself. Snuggle into your favorite reading corner, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and put a Do Not Disturb sign on your door. Enjoy.”


Now available on amazon.inamazon.comamazon kindle, and goodreads, this book is an absolute essential for every poetry-lover.


Miss Conceptions- Poetic Expressions of a Young Girl

It was as if my world of imagination in rhythm had come to life, when I finally saw my first book, “Miss Conceptions” in print. I never thought that my poems would all be united into a book, and would gain such support. My writings were all scattered, on my blogs, and in my files. Why not make them into a regular treasury?

Check out Miss Conceptions, a collection of fifty rhythmic and soulful poems, which collaborate to make a delightful combination. Now with over thirty copies sold, I would say that it has made me happy.

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A Feeling

That first feeling is indescribable.

A sound, a response overflowing with pride and happiness clouds your emotions- a sound from within.

I experienced that rare feeling today- when I really had the feel of my own creation- my book- in my own two hands.

It’s like your own child whom you created. It feels as if it’s now mine to nurture. Mine to use to teach the world. Mine to own and smile.

Today, what I discovered, reading and writing is completely different. Reading is enjoyable, yes, very useful too- but writing something of your own is undoubtedly better.


Miss Conceptions-My first book on Amazon!!!

That feeling is great, as I see now, when you see your first book online. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt. So, here, I present to you- “Miss Conceptions”, a collection of my poems, which has gone through quite a lot of work over months. Poems on love, life, emotions, and nature, will aim to change the direction you and your mind are headed. Will turn them towards what I think, maybe. Anyways, it would make me happy to see that the first few buyers were people who I knew through their wonderful blogs.

Get my book on amazon.com here- Miss Conceptions- amazon.com

Get my book on amazon.in here- Miss Conceptions- amazon.in

Thank you all very much for all your support. One thing’s for sure, I couldn’t have done this without all your follows, likes, comments, and the rest.