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Tricks- Getting the most out of an online course

online course

In our busy lives of the twenty-first century, hardly any of us get time to book a flight, and go to a learning center or university to take a classroom course. Thus, technology benefits again- all of us are now taking online courses, either as a hobby, or as a career.

It cannot be denied- in our hectic daily routines, those of us taking online courses really need a foolproof organized method, and tricks to help us take notes, and overall, retain the most important and applicable information from our course.

Try using the following tricks and methods net time you take a course to help you take organized notes, understand better, and in general, reduce the amount of time you usually need to absorb everything being taught.

  1. Bullet Points- Believe it or not, instead of complete sentences, taking notes using short points can slice your note-taking time in half. When jotting down a point, make sure you write down important words, connections, and meanings in short. Eliminate conjunctions, punctuation, articles, etc. if you feel like it. Your notes are for you to understand and remember, so if you can understand it, you’re good. Take notes how you like them best.
  2. TAKE NOTES- I can’t stress enough on the importance of this one. Laugh all you want, but notes are a part of life. Notes will help you read, understand, remember, and get more out of the course than you initially intended to.
  3. Have a place to write handy- Practically anything will do- a notepad and pencil, a piece of paper and a pen, or as I do, a blank google docs next to your course tab(s). By keeping a place to write handy, you will be more inclined to take notes and jot down important facts.
  4. Create a vocabulary list/dictionary as you go- Learning new words is always essential. Having a good and expansive vocabulary is not just the job of an author- it creates a good impression for all careers. A good vocabulary encourages eloquence in speech, and better writing and comprehension skills as well. In a google doc or a diary, jot down new words you came across in the course, and write the meanings next to them.
  5. Complete all prompts/assignments provided- Even if it is not a live course or you don’t have to submit your assignments, still do them for yourself. The prompts and/or assignments are all given for a reason- for practice, or for you to improve and get the most out of the course.
  6. Summarise- This might be asking too much, but bear with me if it is. When you are finished with your course, sit down with an open mind. Write down not a lengthy literary analysis of the course- but what you want to remember from this course. Consider answering some of these questions in your summary-
    1. What new things did you learn from this course that you absolutely did not know before? How will these facts help you?
    2. What did you like about the course? What did you dislike about it?
    3. If you had been teaching this course, would you have taught differently, set different assignments, or done anything else differently? Why do you think so?
    4. Do you think you, personally, benefited from this course? How?
    5. Was the course what you expected it to be, or were you surprised?


Next time you take a course, try employing these strategies and see if they help you. These are not strategies I found online, or was told by someone to use- these are strategies that I have tried and tested and found useful. Try them, and see how they work out for you.

I want to hear all your opinions. Share them below in the comments section!

Let Go

I’m thirteen now, fourteen this April. Two years later, I will hold my driver’s license. Four years later, I will be termed ‘an adult’, and more or less, thrown into the outside world by myself to survive. My point is, I’m not sure I’ll be ready for that. Nobody is ready for that. But I will eventually cope, because millions of other amateur adults do.


It is not easy for a parent to suddenly stop being a parent. A baby will always be a baby to parent, even if a five-feet and six inches tall baby in jeans with highlights in her hair. To put it briefly, it is not easy for anyone to let go of anything, least of all for a parent to let go of a child. Children grow up. It is a universally unarguable fact. But it is just not their body growing. It is their mind and their opinions growing too, alongside their body.


There is no lack of teens wanting to be ‘left alone’, or ‘be independent.’ I would say that is true for me, too. Often, I am positively burning with anger over some decision of my parents’, and thinking that that decision was mine to make, not theirs. My journal is full of scribbled negativity, often directed to family, just because they do so many things I don’t like. I can’t always wait till I’m eighteen. I have a mind of my own, even if the mind of a child.


We always say that to understand another person well, it is best to put yourself in their shoes. Try to look at things from their perspective. It is easily said, but not as easily done. Empathetic intelligence is not always sufficiently competent between adults and children. Adults may listen to their minds, and children to their hearts.


Due to the way today’s world is socially interacting, parents and guardians- in fact, nearly all adults- fear even more to let their ward roam free in the wide world. Well, it is quite true. I am doing what I suggested earlier. I am putting myself in adults’ shoes- in my own parents’ shoes- to feel their sense of hesitance and protective caution. Again, as I say, it is true. Their fear is quite relevant, the world is actually gradually turning into a free-flowing river of corruption, selfishness, cruelty, and indifference. I honestly admit- if I was a parent, I certainly would have had second thoughts about setting my child free into a world of which we are just a fraction.


“That’s why, when your child starts the journey of separating from you, you may react in all sorts of strange ways. You as a parent may feel suddenly out of control. Of yourself as well as of your child.” says Suzanne Moore, in her article about growing teenagers. I read this one article, and it made me realize all over again that through the voice of other teenagers, I was reading about myself.


For me, the secret to having a happy teen is giving them space and freedom – without that, there is no fun and happiness. But you also need to find common ground,” said Katie Adamson, a thirteen-year old interviewed for the article. It is quite true, space is necessary to grow, freedom is necessary to learn.

“When I’m going to a party, Mum wants me to call her when I get there, after an hour, when I leave. She says she wants me to have my independence, then takes it away by asking for the phone number of the place I’m going. They want you to get a job, but won’t let you stay at a friend’s house. Teenagers are hypocritical about this, too: our need for independence changes by the minute.” says Olly Reeves, sixteen. Again, I totally think that all teenagers share bits of the same brain. I am basically thinking what these teenagers are all saying. All teenagers are thinking what some are saying.


If adults could come to their senses, they would realize that they were once our age too. They went through the same concerns, the same doubts, the same angry fits. This parent vs. child battle is the best scenario to exemplify why experience is the best teacher.


Teens are not always intentionally disobedient. We are growing, we are seeing, and we are learning. We have enough to worry about without worrying about pleasing our parents too. I say this with full confidence- many parents will deny being overprotective. But it is basically woven in their instincts. So to all parents, I just have two words- “Let go.” It might be difficult, but we all have to learn to do things that are initially difficult for us. It is an exam given to us by life- some adults pass, and some fail. This exam tests open-mindedness and acceptance.


Baby steps- certainly. Start by allowing your teen to make more decisions by himself or herself. Bigger decisions. Let them have their independence. Sit down with them sometimes to catch up with their lives. But let them be free. Let them earn your trust, and try to earn theirs.


Parents have to give growing children some distance to ensure eternal bonds. Because honestly, believe me, I say this as a teenager myself- once you start growing apart from your child, there is no turning back. The pressure on teens is too much for them to remain closed up and always have the same friends. Needs change, friends change, perspectives change. In short, everyone and everything changes.


I won’t plead with parents. I trust the judgement of my parents and also all adults. I am confident that they know what’s best for me.


Today, I speak as the voice of all teens. We are growing. We need space, freedom, and trust to grow. If we have all of that, plus lots of love, we might grow to be the best generation the world has ever seen.


Carla- “Extended Version”

I met her in a niche of the ancient bough,
Her name was Carla; she told me so,
That was Carla- rosy red,
Beneath the silent, brown bowed head.

Clinging to a hopeless faith,
A long and silent fruitless wait,
But heaven sees what goes on,
Golden thunder, blue sky- born.

Wonder cairns form tall arches,
Hanging from the listless branches,
Falls to the ground around,
Loving Carla, with her rhythmic sound.

Sixty songs all burn out too,
There’s nothing for her to sing anew,
So she lies in the shade of the blistering birch,
While hymns for her echo from the church.

Safety forsakes her for better times,
The world gets away with their bitter crimes,
But she waits; grows much more,
Grows her wings and tries to soar.

But can she escape, beauty-bound,
Because of the treasure that she found?
Because Carla, with her mute language,
Grows sad, and gives way to rage.

Comfort works nothing for her,
She is just left to suffer,
All she never did, was done,
And now to lay the blame upon her son.

Yes, Carla sought, help to find,
But nothing to linger upon her mind,
They still blamed her son unfair,
They couldn’t escape, but stayed there.

Carla was accused of witchcraft,
Drowning their poor neighbour’s raft,
They blamed her for teaching her son too,
But can that story possibly be true?

When I met Carla, she was sweet,
Despite her matted hair and dusty feet,
She could never but be called a witch,
She was never secretive, nor was she rich.

She was a poor widow, so simple and kind,
Exhausted but charming, and pure of mind,
She was old, had not an ambition,
Never a witch, nor any magical creation.

But they dragged her to the banks of the lake,
Of the city- to the wooden stake,
Despite her cries, nailed her across,
They pierced her heart at the holy cross.

But Carla will forever live on,
And continue, even when she’s gone,
And I’ll never forget her, as she,
Was the one to love, and the one to be.

Gone With the Dawn

Brilliant in their silent life,
in sorrows, the first to grieve,
but yes, also the first to smile,
when the world opens up,
under their love-filled light.
Fountains and the springs all full,
shine under their bliss,
their hopeful appearance,
nevertheless, is the first to lose hope,
and burn out of life forever.
The silver stars,
on the black dark eve,
saying something new,
conveying a message,
that you’ve never heard before.
They will look at you,
and smile all you like,
they will swim away,
when the dawn sets in,
and when you return,
they’ll be no longer there.
Your stars will be gone.

Kuri, the Robot Nanny

Today, I invite you to the world of robotics, through the discovery of an amazing robot, which can really make your day go smoothly.
Everyday, we see some new cool gadget or the other forming the headlines of the day’s news. Every month, some robot is launched to either clean up your house, do your shopping, play music, and do much more to make your day easier.
“At first, I thought Kuri would be a bit like an Amazon Echo strapped to a set of wheels. In practice, Kuri doesn’t have nearly the functionality of the Echo — it’s more of a roving security cam with a blue-tooth speaker than an always-listening, multi-purpose assistant.” says one of Kuri’s users.
Between all the new technology, what all of us need is something simple to charm our eyesight. And this new security-on-wheels is just the thing. Created by Mayfield Robotics and announced on January 3, 2017, Kuri the Robot is like your watchman when you’re away. It updates you on every bit of disorder in your house (mischief, burglars, and the likewise!) through a camera. Some interviews also revealed that the primary idea behind Kuri’s creation was that a text message would reach parents, letting them know when their kids got home.
When you bring Kuri home for the first time, it explores just like you would explore an unfamiliar place. She moves around and creates a digital map of your house in it’s memory, so it can avoid bumping into walls and falling over objects. You need to guide her once into every room using remote-control, but after that, she can usually locate everything you’ve shown her.
She moves around on her three wheels, either following you, or even goes where you tell it to. So this is an example of how it recognises voice commands, and can eventually learn to recognise your voice whenever you speak to it. The common phrase to make her wake up is “Hey Kuri!”
Another unique feature of Kuri’s is that unlike most robots, Kuri is one of the few human-like robots without an LED screen. Human robots lose a bit of their personality, if they have a screen, as it makes them look digital, and less like a human. But Kuri can perform most actions without the requirement of a screen.
On Kuri’s human-like face, there is only one-thing missing, a mouth. So you will be surprised, when I tell you that Kuri has a very nice smile. Guess how? She smiles with her eyes, which is so loved, that it led to Kuri being described as “exceptionally cute” by her users. Moreover, to your questions, Kuri responds with expressions and may even nod it’s head.
Around 50 centimetres tall, and weighing at least six kilograms, Kuri comes with an inbuilt camera. Using this feature of her’s, Kuri helps you keep a strict watch on your house even when you’re away from home. Know what’s cooler? If you suspect mischief by the little kid in the house, or the pet Alsatian, you have the option of yelling at them through Kuri’s loudspeakers. If she suspects anything out of the ordinary, she can even send you a recording of the occurrence.
Just imagine: Your pet cat, Fishtail, wakes up from her power nap. Looks around. “Aha! Looks like nobody’s at home! I think I’ll go and cuddle on that comfortable couch in the living room (which cost you maybe $ 9,000!)!” But no, Fishtail suddenly jumps as your voice screams at her. “Fishtail, get off the couch right NOW!” And your couch is safe.
Kuri the robot can recognise certain faces, using it’s inbuilt facial recognition. So it answers to the questions asked accordingly. Since she doesn’t talk, she answers with nods and chirp-like-sounds. Along with Wi-fi connectivity, she can play music, tell stories, and even tell you the weather. Now, don’t you call that convenient?
And according to some users, Kuri can even follow a set-routine, if she knows it well enough.
Another interesting feature of Kuri’s is that her sturdy wheels are almost ready to get her going on any rough surface. A surprise? She glides fine even on carpets. She has an LED built inside her chest, which can change colors, to give that greying structure a little color and life.
Then her voice recognition can be a little erratic at times. But she can usually hear your voice commands through her four-microphone array.
The price is around $ 700 now in the US, which may be a bit expensive compared to other security robots on Amazon.
Kuri is known all over as the “Robot Nanny.” This is because as per reports from people, it acts as either a robot, a security monitor, a nanny, a teacher, or even a plaything for children.
Users watch with delight, as Kuri is introduced to children with a wonderful response. It opens a whole new world of technology and robotics to the younger generation.
Not only that, but the point is, how is Kuri changing the world?

  1. User-friendly and practically a toy as well, Kuri is certainly going to be the delight for generations to come.
  2. Parents, who were earlier very insecure about their house and children, can now find more time to attend to other things and leave their house in safe hands.
  3. For another thing, Kuri, although she’s a robot, can be a companion too. Users have said that Kuri fills up the empty space in your house.
  4. “Kuri contains serious technologies on the inside that represent the latest developments in smartphones, gaming, and robotics,” said Mayfield CTO Kaijen Hsiao in PCMag.

Kuri has not been officially released yet, but she will be available for sale in the US by around December 2017.
As this topic delighted and interested me very much, I would like to cite my sources.


Fictional Cartography

Well, do you believe in heaven? Over the years, though people have continued to question the decision whether such a place really exists above our earth, but I don’t have a firm answer. So let me introduce you to the Hayanak Civilisation- a fictional place in the blue skies above us.

The white clouds surround the breathtaking scene. Looking up will reveal a hazy, yet sparkling scenery. In front of you, you see a massive bronze gate, carved with figures of lions and snakes and the sun, akin to the ancient Mayan Civilization. To the far, far left, you see a small stagnant pond, with blue water, as blue as cornflowers, and pink water-lilies floating on the surface, their bright green leaves contrasting strongly with the barren land outside the pond. You walk towards it, mesmerized. You bend down to touch the water, but instead, your hand grips an iron handle embedded in the soil. Your eyes flash back- the pond was an illusion. But the bronze gate and the iron handle are reality, because as you pull on the handle, the golden dial on the bronze gate spins, and the gates swing open, to reveal a whole new world.

You step inside, as you are engulfed by the sweet scent of freshly picked apples and oranges. There are hundreds of green trees, laden with apples and oranges. Thousands of people  buzz around, but no one notices you. It is as if you are invisible. You can see them, but they cannot see you. The dark-skinned women, clad in heavy black robes with golden lace borders, and with golden feathers in their long black hair- carry huge baskets of red apples and big oranges on their head, with small jugs of water in their slim, beautiful hands.
The men, wearing black trousers and shirts with golden collars, some carrying small shears in their hands, and others carrying empty baskets to fill.
Small girls and boys run around, tasting the apples, peeling the oranges, or washing in the clear water of the innumerable fountains. The girls wear long black skirts with black tops, and the boys wear some kind of straight black robes.
They all shout to one another in a strange foreign language, that you don’t understand, but one phrase is very clear, and every person seems to be shouting it: “The Apple Picking Season!”

To your right, you see a widespread cluster of white mansions with floral patterns, small huts with pretty bamboo thatches, and a towering silver palace with deep blue pavilions and golden-framed windows. In front of all the buildings, there is a large patchwork of green garden, separated into squares with hedges. There are tall Gulmohar trees with flowering blossoms, and red creepers with yellow vines. At the extreme left of the gardens, there is a low but big white marble platform, with bamboos holding up a hay roof over it. There is a circle of benches on the platform, and a copper table in the middle.

To your left, is a barren piece of land, with wooden poles sticking out from the soil.Long ropes are tied between the poles. Some children are swinging on the ropes, while others try to make them fall off. In the corner of the empty land, there is a square of fertile-looking soil. Two women are scattering seeds on the soil, and there are sprinklers put up to water the plants.
Suddenly, you hear a creaking and groaning sound, you look back, and you see the gates closing! You run towards it, and squeeze out, just as the gates  lock with a resounding bang. You rush to the iron handle, but it has disappeared. In it’s place, there is a blue pond, with pink water lilies on the surface. The pond is no longer an illusion. You feel yourself falling .   .   .

A Weak Mind

Are girls not a future hope,

Do women not possess a voice,

Why are the rights being taken away,

Of living in this stereotyped world?

Yes, girls are the future success,

Women should be allowed to speak up,

Yes, they are silenced and their lives,

Are granted no recognition.


Is gender such a great obstacle,

That some are killed before birth,

That they are silenced, deformed,

And end up losing courage?

The right thing to believe will be,

That women are so capable,

That the world is afraid of them,

Lest they outshine the favoured men,

So the women are silenced.


Have the silent tears no meaning?

Does the love and sacrifice not prove,

That the women are not at fault,

Then why, should they be pushed backwards?

Yes, the tears stand for love,

And the heart shows it all,

Yet the world’s mind is so weak,

That they fail to understand their fault.



She Will Have Her Revenge: Freedom is Her Birthright

A few days ago, I started reading the book- “I am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai. I am not going to speak about the book. But about why the book matters. The question which should be put at the foremost mind of the world, is that, “Even after all their efforts, all the pain they go through, why are women still trampled upon, and not recognized?”
Yes, silence may be counted upon as a good thing to practice in some communities. But why is it forcefully imposed upon one specific gender? Why are men seen as capable of doing what they want, and women as incapable of even dreaming to reach heights? Why?

Women have never threatened the world, for the world to see them as inferior, or something to be silenced. In fact, people don’t realize that they have come into existence only because of women, who they now refuse to accept as a strong member of society. Why are women still hidden under the veil? Why are they not counted upon to identify themselves?
The world still boasts that women have been helped to rise to a greater platform because of their hard work. But the truth is, we have accepted the situation, and we don’t want to fight back, because we fail to see how this issue affects us and our lives. And this is not the fault of one person alone. It is a fault of which all of us are guilty of.

Something that you will be surprised to know, is that this is such an issue, that, if this is cleared, then numerous other issues such as child labor, discrimination, unemployment, and the likewise, will be solved too. If you are one of those who think that women do not matter, then let me tell you that you and your low opinion of women are the ones who should be silenced, but not women, who are innocent.

Women are never the ones to think badly of men, and men have completely no reason to have low opinions of women, or to decide the futures of women. Women are the ones to undergo all the pain for childbirth, and then if the child is a girl, then the woman and her daughter are both hidden away from the eyes of the world. Why should women suffer, to give birth to such an ungrateful race such as mankind? Why should women waste their hands and their capability working for men, when they could use their worth for something much more appreciative? Something which will bring happiness to them, not to their husbands, fathers, or their brothers? The answer for that is:- women care. They really do. They can never have the heartlessness to discard someone as unworthy of succeeding in life.

So, to everyone who still thinks that a woman was created to work, to give birth, to satisfy, and to stay quiet, let me tell you clearly, that a day is sure to come, when she will take her revenge. On you all. On the ungrateful world which makes no effort to return her her freedom, which is her birthright, even if she is a girl, which is no crime, and no fault of hers.