A Reality

I resign myself to perpetual showers,
Disappointments with the rain
But with the new year approaching
I find earnest hope again.

Hope for an adventure,
Hope for a smile
Hope for success and achievement
Inspiration all the while.

Go riding on my dreams,
Sailing on wide seas
Joyfully come back after
Celebrating my victories.

At the end of the new year
I do hope to see
That once I had a dream
Now I have a reality.


The Blogger’s Experience Meet

It’s time for the first event in the month of June, when this website, Aaliyah’s Wishland, celebrates it’s birthday. And this event is designed especially to commemorate memorable experiences of blogging, and of nurturing a website.

Last June, when I created Aaliyah’s Wishland, I never did see how it would turn out. I just came across blogs, and I thought it would be nice to have one of my own. Now it’s surprising to see where it has got me online. And I have heard a few other experiences like that as well. Of course we have wordpress.com to thank, but I also have my followers, my visitors, and my blogger friends to thank.

So, I would want a few memorable experiences of writing on an online blog to share here on Aaliyah’s Wishland. Anyone who wishes to share their experiences, is most welcome to do so. Just e-mail me your experience at aliyah.ban@gmail.com, along with your name, and your blog name and address. The deadline for the stories is June 8, 2017. Submissions may start from today (June 1, 2017). Please remember to keep it short, and not too long. After the 8th of June, there will be a post on this blog, which will feature all the shared experiences.

Dear friends, thank you for all your support, and best of luck to all your blogs!

1 year of writing

This June, on this website, we are celebrating the completion of Aaliyah’s Wishland’s first year of writing. The aim of this blog was to communicate through writing, and show writing in a way that the world appreciates it’s beauty.

1 year with this mission in mind is complete. This June- on the 8th- Aaliyah’s wishland commemorates a successful year to wordpress.com. And thanks to all my faithful followers, and believe me, the comments, and the likes are really motivating.

This website will be hosting a series of three contests, and various other activities in June. The information about these contests will be shared in posts, one dedicated to each contest.

Thank you, and may Aaliyah’s Wishland stay and thrive forever.