All I have held is lost to fire mere ashes burning upon the pyre my fingers blaze in the glory of past who can help drowning in an ocean so vast. Free for some, the flight is fearless we wake up, we say our life is a mess awhile beneath realization our dark ghosts dance… Continue reading Flames

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I have exploded my mind On the tender interwoven fibers of my paper. That absorb my emotions- as if though My soul is an endless well of water. I have saved a life, maybe it is mine- By moving a burden from my heart- The burden of living life. Words intertwine like bare branches on… Continue reading Merciless

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A Reality

I resign myself to perpetual showers, Disappointments with the rain But with the new year approaching I find earnest hope again. Hope for an adventure, Hope for a smile Hope for success and achievement Inspiration all the while. Go riding on my dreams, Sailing on wide seas Joyfully come back after Celebrating my victories. At… Continue reading A Reality



Splinters of fine wood apart, Continues from the ancient start, Havens in the skies of gold, New corpses with flowers to hold. Crosses in the graveyard be, Underneath a single tall palm tree, Flying in the air-borne noise, Playing with an angel's toys. Stairs to hell, and carpets to heaven, For all those who were… Continue reading Corpses



La fille est tres belle, elle est sympathique, Elle s'appelle Joanne, le bel nom, Mais, elle est triste, oui, mecontent, La vie de Joanne est mourir. Elle etait une contente fille, Habite a Lyon en France, Elle crie, mais non, elle, habite en sa laide vie. Sa brune cheveux a vole dans l'air, Sa rouge… Continue reading Joanne