Tricks- Getting the most out of an online course

online course

In our busy lives of the twenty-first century, hardly any of us get time to book a flight, and go to a learning center or university to take a classroom course. Thus, technology benefits again- all of us are now taking online courses, either as a hobby, or as a career.

It cannot be denied- in our hectic daily routines, those of us taking online courses really need a foolproof organized method, and tricks to help us take notes, and overall, retain the most important and applicable information from our course.

Try using the following tricks and methods net time you take a course to help you take organized notes, understand better, and in general, reduce the amount of time you usually need to absorb everything being taught.

  1. Bullet Points- Believe it or not, instead of complete sentences, taking notes using short points can slice your note-taking time in half. When jotting down a point, make sure you write down important words, connections, and meanings in short. Eliminate conjunctions, punctuation, articles, etc. if you feel like it. Your notes are for you to understand and remember, so if you can understand it, you’re good. Take notes how you like them best.
  2. TAKE NOTES- I can’t stress enough on the importance of this one. Laugh all you want, but notes are a part of life. Notes will help you read, understand, remember, and get more out of the course than you initially intended to.
  3. Have a place to write handy- Practically anything will do- a notepad and pencil, a piece of paper and a pen, or as I do, a blank google docs next to your course tab(s). By keeping a place to write handy, you will be more inclined to take notes and jot down important facts.
  4. Create a vocabulary list/dictionary as you go- Learning new words is always essential. Having a good and expansive vocabulary is not just the job of an author- it creates a good impression for all careers. A good vocabulary encourages eloquence in speech, and better writing and comprehension skills as well. In a google doc or a diary, jot down new words you came across in the course, and write the meanings next to them.
  5. Complete all prompts/assignments provided- Even if it is not a live course or you don’t have to submit your assignments, still do them for yourself. The prompts and/or assignments are all given for a reason- for practice, or for you to improve and get the most out of the course.
  6. Summarise- This might be asking too much, but bear with me if it is. When you are finished with your course, sit down with an open mind. Write down not a lengthy literary analysis of the course- but what you want to remember from this course. Consider answering some of these questions in your summary-
    1. What new things did you learn from this course that you absolutely did not know before? How will these facts help you?
    2. What did you like about the course? What did you dislike about it?
    3. If you had been teaching this course, would you have taught differently, set different assignments, or done anything else differently? Why do you think so?
    4. Do you think you, personally, benefited from this course? How?
    5. Was the course what you expected it to be, or were you surprised?


Next time you take a course, try employing these strategies and see if they help you. These are not strategies I found online, or was told by someone to use- these are strategies that I have tried and tested and found useful. Try them, and see how they work out for you.

I want to hear all your opinions. Share them below in the comments section!


A Weak Mind

Are girls not a future hope,

Do women not possess a voice,

Why are the rights being taken away,

Of living in this stereotyped world?

Yes, girls are the future success,

Women should be allowed to speak up,

Yes, they are silenced and their lives,

Are granted no recognition.


Is gender such a great obstacle,

That some are killed before birth,

That they are silenced, deformed,

And end up losing courage?

The right thing to believe will be,

That women are so capable,

That the world is afraid of them,

Lest they outshine the favoured men,

So the women are silenced.


Have the silent tears no meaning?

Does the love and sacrifice not prove,

That the women are not at fault,

Then why, should they be pushed backwards?

Yes, the tears stand for love,

And the heart shows it all,

Yet the world’s mind is so weak,

That they fail to understand their fault.



Thoughts Of The Day- Making up for the last four days . . . .

“You are nothing but a puppet attached to strings. Life is nothing but the stage. And God is none other than the puppeteer.”

“Magic helps you do things better. But did you know that magic isn’t something real? It’s something that awakens your confidence. Something which you have the ability to do better.”

“Talent is not the only ingredient in the recipe for success. Bowlfuls of passion, determination, and hard work are required as well. With a sprinkle of enjoyment, success becomes tastier when it’s ready for you.”

“With every sorrow, you will not find solace. For every sorrow, you will not find happiness. But for every sorrow, you can write, and feel happy.”

Thought Of The Day

“Childhood lies in it’s own sweet haven, where children speak a language of their own, have their own friends, and have a very unique mind. Childhood is like a strong stick, around which the delicate children grow like creepers. But once you grow up, you have to leave that sweet haven, and protect yourself.”