Tricks- Getting the most out of an online course

online course

In our busy lives of the twenty-first century, hardly any of us get time to book a flight, and go to a learning center or university to take a classroom course. Thus, technology benefits again- all of us are now taking online courses, either as a hobby, or as a career.

It cannot be denied- in our hectic daily routines, those of us taking online courses really need a foolproof organized method, and tricks to help us take notes, and overall, retain the most important and applicable information from our course.

Try using the following tricks and methods net time you take a course to help you take organized notes, understand better, and in general, reduce the amount of time you usually need to absorb everything being taught.

  1. Bullet Points- Believe it or not, instead of complete sentences, taking notes using short points can slice your note-taking time in half. When jotting down a point, make sure you write down important words, connections, and meanings in short. Eliminate conjunctions, punctuation, articles, etc. if you feel like it. Your notes are for you to understand and remember, so if you can understand it, you’re good. Take notes how you like them best.
  2. TAKE NOTES- I can’t stress enough on the importance of this one. Laugh all you want, but notes are a part of life. Notes will help you read, understand, remember, and get more out of the course than you initially intended to.
  3. Have a place to write handy- Practically anything will do- a notepad and pencil, a piece of paper and a pen, or as I do, a blank google docs next to your course tab(s). By keeping a place to write handy, you will be more inclined to take notes and jot down important facts.
  4. Create a vocabulary list/dictionary as you go- Learning new words is always essential. Having a good and expansive vocabulary is not just the job of an author- it creates a good impression for all careers. A good vocabulary encourages eloquence in speech, and better writing and comprehension skills as well. In a google doc or a diary, jot down new words you came across in the course, and write the meanings next to them.
  5. Complete all prompts/assignments provided- Even if it is not a live course or you don’t have to submit your assignments, still do them for yourself. The prompts and/or assignments are all given for a reason- for practice, or for you to improve and get the most out of the course.
  6. Summarise- This might be asking too much, but bear with me if it is. When you are finished with your course, sit down with an open mind. Write down not a lengthy literary analysis of the course- but what you want to remember from this course. Consider answering some of these questions in your summary-
    1. What new things did you learn from this course that you absolutely did not know before? How will these facts help you?
    2. What did you like about the course? What did you dislike about it?
    3. If you had been teaching this course, would you have taught differently, set different assignments, or done anything else differently? Why do you think so?
    4. Do you think you, personally, benefited from this course? How?
    5. Was the course what you expected it to be, or were you surprised?


Next time you take a course, try employing these strategies and see if they help you. These are not strategies I found online, or was told by someone to use- these are strategies that I have tried and tested and found useful. Try them, and see how they work out for you.

I want to hear all your opinions. Share them below in the comments section!



I have exploded my mind
On the tender interwoven fibers of my paper.
That absorb my emotions- as if though
My soul is an endless well of water.
I have saved a life, maybe it is mine-
By moving a burden from my heart-
The burden of living life.
Words intertwine
like bare branches on a windy day
And horses gallop through the landscape
like thunder- and the trees feel lightening.

I have shared my happiness
With the paper as my friend.
Every moment that defines me
has been recorded in this memoir.
Illegibly, maybe- but understandably.
My ups and down, what if I fail?
That is every human’s
greatest fear. But you have to learn
to get over it. I will fall
otherwise I can’t get up. My head in the
highest clouds. I have entered
an infinity. Feels uplifting.

I have reached a crossroad. Where my vehicle
stops with a start. Revving up the engine
is fruitless. I am stuck. Stuck in the middle of
blaring horns, of some mediocre phase of life
that I came upon by chance.
I am stuck. Stuck, in the arms of another
who never understood me. I am stuck.
Stuck in the anger brought on by unfairness.
Sometimes it feels like I’m
deceiving myself. Telling myself lies
to believe I am the best.
But does it matter? That those lies I tell
they turn into truths
because they make me happy, after all.
Anytime soon,
The truth does not seem pacifying.

I have seen what it’s like.
To be left alone, excluded.
Be the ‘new kid’ at school.
So I confide in words. I write
to feel what it is like, to live
without fear. A tiny tear
drops down, a small damp spot
on my floral-patterned dress.
the one my grandmother sewed
staring out the window at pouring rain.
And so I put pen to paper
The pen is my weapon
to diminish my enemies, rescue my allies
and restore the gift of living life.
Around me I hear crying, but I am smiling.

A Reality

I resign myself to perpetual showers,
Disappointments with the rain
But with the new year approaching
I find earnest hope again.

Hope for an adventure,
Hope for a smile
Hope for success and achievement
Inspiration all the while.

Go riding on my dreams,
Sailing on wide seas
Joyfully come back after
Celebrating my victories.

At the end of the new year
I do hope to see
That once I had a dream
Now I have a reality.

The Myriad

The clear and misty dawn you see,

But the ringing bells of hope you hear,

Rain as golden as honey; your sweet,

Melody is there to remember forever.


Regarding the cherry blossoms in day,

Iced with snow, and silver shear,

Yet herein, among the frost and ice,

The lively sound rings in the ear.


Drowsy from a long night’s sleep,

And a thousand drooping willows,

But yet the voice of dawn calls,

From beneath the shady hallows.


Yet from the chill within the air,

In the wilderness of the world beyond,

And sixty miles forth I go,

To the dawn’s rhythmic song.


Words in harmonic chorus;

Echo a resounding love,

And in the blackness of the dreary night,

The blossoms fail to bloom.


Cupped in the hands of the forsaken,

That book of treasured memories,

And to whispered conditions in secret,

The winds in the vale agree.


Swollen and tear-bidden eyes,

Will maybe cry for me,

But I know, they may also smile,

When they see what I now see.


Among the hundred thoughts in my head,

Ninety-nine will fade,

And the one that I’ll remember long after,

Will be the very last to emerge.


And the one who will cling to my heart,

Who will be the last to leave,

Who will then abandon me to waste myself,

And have forever to grieve.


And wonders of the world may merge,

To cheer me up once again,

But I’ll never see that sight once more,

The one thing that relieved my everlasting pain.


Sunshine enters my heart, but still,

That sight has yet to win,

Approval of my deepest emotions,

And the very depth of my heart.


Because I will be the one to bear,

The everlasting pain and woe,

If I can ever accept,

What I never had called mine.

I am Myself

I am my own pride,

I am what I call my destiny,

I am my aim, my success,

I am the one who will work hard to be me.

I am a divine representation of what is called “Self-esteem,”

I am my will, my goal,

I am my own strength when I’m weak,

I am myself, just what is called pride.


I am writing and publishing this post on the 15th of August, the date marking the independence of the Indian Republic. I pay a tribute to the lives risked for India-

“My brave martyrs of India! If you really love India, then shout out loud what you really want to today! India has proved itself a great country, raising leaders at the feet of God, a humble, but inspiring member of the world. Seventy years ago, on this very day, India breathed free for the first time. The world slept, but the soldiers, who had risked their lives, did not feel tired at all. India is not perfect. Neither is anyone else. India has it’s own faults- Gender inequality, female infanticide, illiteracy, sati, and many others. But like we all should, India has striven to cancel out the bad, by influencing it with the good. Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Annie Besant, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Sarojini Naidu, and many others, have made India proud. And we have reasons and rights to be proud of India.”

Eternal Journey

And down the never-ending corridors of life,

I walk, with a grace, a shine,

Through the gloomy avenues,

Why, the sun never shows a light so fine.

My soul holds my hand through this tedious journey,

As a companion so true,

That it’ll make your eyes swell with tears,

To discover some of the things they did for you.

And then, as we near the end,

We embrace each other in spirit,

We share thoughts in the deepest corners of our hearts,

As side by side we sit.

Then when the journey comes to an end,

Exhausted, we ourselves see,

But still we keep that happiness close to our hearts,

For ever and for eternity.




Is Perseverance and Grit more important than talent and achieving success?. . . . A Debate

In favor: Is it really necessary that one who does not have talent in a specific art, cannot excel in it at all?

Because if it is, then that is unfair. Suppose a person loves to draw and puts in a lot of hard work, but then finds out with much grief that he is not talented at all. Only talent is not important. If a person is talented, but wastes his talent, then that talent is completely useless. On the other hand, even if a person is not talented at all, even then he or she can develop talent with determination and passion. No doubt, perseverance and grit is  much more important and useful than talent and achieving success. If you are successful momentarily because of your talent, then that is short-lived if you do not chase after your dreams. But perseverance and grit can help you reach great heights in the long run.


In disfavor: If a particular person is simply not destined for success in a specific field, be it arts, medical science, or even photography, then what’s the point of working hard for it? It’s all about destiny alone. Suppose a person knows that he has no talent at sculpture, and he is bound to be a failure. Instead, he is extremely good at singing, but he pursues his sculpture. This way, he never becomes a successful sculptor, and he also wastes his talent at singing. Thus, I would say with the utmost conviction, that even though perseverance and grit are important to achieve your goal, it’s only when you possess talent and are destined to be successful.

Why good work?

Work is an important aspect of life. Imagine not eating, or not sleeping, or even not drinking water for a whole day. Just imagine your state at the end of the day. Good work makes you have a good conscience throughout the day, and saves you from idleness or  boredom.

The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.                                -Elbert Hubbard

Suppose you are a student, who’s favorite subject is English. Tomorrow you have an important English test at school. You studied throughout the week, but you don’t feel like studying anymore today. You just sit and listen to Justin Bieber the whole day.

The next day, you go to school, depending on your studies which you revised about two days ago. The question- you have to correct the sentence. The sentence is- “Is you sorry?” And then, you can’t concentrate, but you keep remembering Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” ‘Is it too late now to say sorry….cause I’m missing……” that’s all that comes to your mind.

You wish that you could take just a small peek at your notebook. But you can’t. You got only six marks out of ten in the test. Your week’s hard work could have got you full marks….but only if you had revised yesterday. But yesterday, you sat idle the whole day. Good work yesterday, would have led to good work in the test today.

Perfection . . . .

Definition-Perfection is a state in life which you will never reach. It is the state in which every feature is flawless. There is not a single error.

Meaning- Perfection cannot be achieved, no matter how close to perfection you thing you are. Perfection is a goal, which moves farther away every moment, to make you work harder and continually improve.

Application in life- Though it cannot be achieved, perfection plays a very important role in the life of every individual. It makes us work harder to make our work perfect, but when we fail, we are motivated to do even better. So perfection ensures continuous betterment.