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She looked in the water, like a clear mirror, Brave; 'cause she had nothing to fear, But then, she discovered faults in herself, Restless, until, One fine sunny day in April, She looked once again at herself in the brook, And swore that this would well be her last look, But curiosity had its wonderful… Continue reading Faults

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Worth Living

Never looking back she plunged, And even dragged me down with her, But why, the reason wasn't exactly crystal-clear, And so, I sat for hours wondering. What hatred so great had she against me, Even though I had never thought of opposing her, Still, she failed to love me. Instead, she took an austere decision… Continue reading Worth Living

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Definition of “Writing”

Writing is standing up for the world, whether good or bad, Writing is talking, even if you're shy, Writing is feeling, what most people don't, Writing is understanding yourself, like no one else. Writing is being aware of what's going on, Writing is sharing your emotions, Writing is saying what you can't find words to… Continue reading Definition of “Writing”