Just a Child

I can't remember how I came to be a child midst of darkness and frolic and the mazes of childhood roaming paths unknown to many yet knowing the world will care. Hand outstretched, I plead say- to be or not to be feel free to ask of me a favor but none too big to… Continue reading Just a Child


Iconoclast of Childhood

My birth has touched revered soil, Where people bury their heritage, From the land which radiated strength, From the time it gained independence in war. At midnight, our soldiers rose.   I rise from the talented hands that held me, Passed on from ancient ancestry, Blow away, wind! Over my child, they said, In heavy… Continue reading Iconoclast of Childhood


Miss Conceptions- The Poetic Expressions of a Young Girl

"Out of the innumerable ways that you may have tried to find your inner soul, this book is the strongest. Miss (Aliyah's) Conceptions will continue to strengthen you by the light of sunrise. A variety of topics, ranging from love, beauty, sorrow, success, to nature, will bring you into an imaginary - or real, as… Continue reading Miss Conceptions- The Poetic Expressions of a Young Girl