I have exploded my mind
On the tender interwoven fibers of my paper.
That absorb my emotions- as if though
My soul is an endless well of water.
I have saved a life, maybe it is mine-
By moving a burden from my heart-
The burden of living life.
Words intertwine
like bare branches on a windy day
And horses gallop through the landscape
like thunder- and the trees feel lightening.

I have shared my happiness
With the paper as my friend.
Every moment that defines me
has been recorded in this memoir.
Illegibly, maybe- but understandably.
My ups and down, what if I fail?
That is every human’s
greatest fear. But you have to learn
to get over it. I will fall
otherwise I can’t get up. My head in the
highest clouds. I have entered
an infinity. Feels uplifting.

I have reached a crossroad. Where my vehicle
stops with a start. Revving up the engine
is fruitless. I am stuck. Stuck in the middle of
blaring horns, of some mediocre phase of life
that I came upon by chance.
I am stuck. Stuck, in the arms of another
who never understood me. I am stuck.
Stuck in the anger brought on by unfairness.
Sometimes it feels like I’m
deceiving myself. Telling myself lies
to believe I am the best.
But does it matter? That those lies I tell
they turn into truths
because they make me happy, after all.
Anytime soon,
The truth does not seem pacifying.

I have seen what it’s like.
To be left alone, excluded.
Be the ‘new kid’ at school.
So I confide in words. I write
to feel what it is like, to live
without fear. A tiny tear
drops down, a small damp spot
on my floral-patterned dress.
the one my grandmother sewed
staring out the window at pouring rain.
And so I put pen to paper
The pen is my weapon
to diminish my enemies, rescue my allies
and restore the gift of living life.
Around me I hear crying, but I am smiling.


Colors On The Horizon


I never thought that I would ever experience a rainbow in my life. Well, nobody does expect that. But has anyone ever thought it possible? Has life ever proved it possible? 

Maybe, and maybe not. And do you know what the rainbow in my life was? Well, it was simply this life that I’ve led so far. And the true fact is, every living being’s life is a rainbow. Whether you believe it or not, yours is one too. You already know how a rainbow is formed (come on, that’s basic science!), when sunlight passes through raindrops. So basically, my life was a combination of rain and dark clouds, sunlight, and wind. Only then did I witness a rainbow.

You need to yourself ensure that your life’s a rainbow, and a colorful one. 

“You need to be in the mood,

A colorful one,

To live a perfect life,

Full of color.”

Your life can’t be colorful if you remain dull. You need to be happy, content, as well as satisfied. But still, you need to aim for more, to reach for rainbows in the sky.

Photo Credits: Randy Olson